Flyte: Levitating Light

flyte Levitating light


The Flyte Levitating Light speaks for itself with just a mere glimpse of it. It’s a floating light that powers itself, need I really say more? The base of the Flyte Levitating Light is crafted from Sweden sourced oak,ash and walnut wood choices. Highly efficient LED lights make for a durable product which powers itself via induction. To sum this up,¬†electricity floats through the air. The LED’s are rated to last an equivalent of ¬†11 years 12 hours a day. That’s a whole lot of levitating light. The Flyte also features a shatterproof glass rendering it even more likely that you will actually get to see it work on the 11th year. In case you’re wondering how the Flyte Levitating Light is even possible, it utilizes magnets that push away from each other to conjure the hover effect. The induction can also be used with other devices such as smart phones for a wireless charge.

Get yours @kickstarter – $249+