The Billy Box : Truckbed Toolbox Redefined

billy box truck toolbox

Locked and loaded with numerous features, the Billy box is the truck bed toolbox designed from modern thinking. High quality parts paired with the idea of being customizable to fit your personal needs makes for an unmatched experience when transporting your tools. The BillyBox comes standard with many top quality features such automotive grade weather sealing, powerful LED lighthing, strap guides, and gas springs which open the lid smoothly. There are a handful of options for customization but most notably is a audio system which includes flush mounted speakers and a hidden amplifier,¬†making that camping trip or another day on the worksite that much more enjoyable.The BillyBox is crafted with high attention to detail out of thicker than average aluminum plating which adds another level of durability not seen in most products today.We’d have to write a book to highlight all the wonderful features that come with the BillyBox which is a wonderful thing in itself.

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