Tool Pen Mini By Mininch


Machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, the Tool Pen from mininch is a multi-tool built for the modern era. The pen tool is able to utilize a variety of different S2 tool steel bits including torx, pentalobe, hexagon, phillips and a few others making it the go to multi-tool for repairing anything from an iPhone to your grandmothers favorite pair of reading glasses. The body of the Tool Pen features a hollow profile allowing for storage of up to 5 bits at a time with viewing windows that help make locating the bit you need at any given time a breeze. The Tool Pen is bead blasted and anodized in your choice of snow silver, gunmetal, or champagne gold which adds both style and durability. The Tool pen also features a cap to protect yourself and the tool from accidental collision as well as a clip that makes carrying the pen Tool feel that much more secure.

Grab your Tool Pen Mini @ kickstarter Р$45+