Trobla : Wooden Sound Amplifier For Mobile Devices



Let’s face it. The acoustics of our mobile devices are rather lack luster. Most things that enhance our devices sound require power and sometimes even apps to drive the product.This can become over cumbersome to some of us that just want to listen to music and feel free while doing so. With the Trobla Sound Amplifier we get the best of both worlds with better sound and nothing more required other than our device itself. If you know anything about good sound, wood is an unbeatable material for construction of a product which influences it. The Trobla Sound Amplifier was created with sound design in mind, making sure the right frequencies are boosted which in turn creates high quality sound output from our not so high quality speakers included with a device. The Trobla Sound Amplifier utilizes a modular design concept that allows it to become future proof. A simple plate can be changed to allow the Trobla to be used with future devices rather than having to buy something completely new.

Grab yours @ kickstarter – $65 +